Fulbright Future Scholar Carter Hissam to explore how genomics can be embedded into routine clinical practice

Carter Hissam is the latest Fulbright Future Scholar. His Fulbright project aims to explore the successful initiatives led by the Australian Department of Health which are embedding genomic health and medicines into routine clinical practice. As a student in Genomics and Health at the University of Melbourne, Carter will explore the ethical, legal, and social implications of genomic-based medicines through coursework, research, and community involvement.

Fulbright Future Scholar Carter Hissam stands in front of a poster providing an overview of his research, which is pinned up onto a pinboard.

Fulbright Future Scholar Carter Hissam, from the Department of Paediatrics.

The United States National Human Genome Research Institute predicts that genomic-based practices will be commonplace in clinical settings by 2030. Such an audacious prediction requires the betterment of national standards surrounding genomic medicine, including ethics, public involvement, and data access.

The Fulbright Future Scholarship provides support for projects that aim to improve the health, livelihoods, and prosperity of both Americans and Australians.