Graduate Research Degree Awarded - David Kieran Metz

Congratulations to David Kieran Metz - Graduate Research Degree Awarded 8 July 2021.

Degree: PhD
Supervisors: Francesco Ierino, Noel Cranswick, Amanda Walker and Nick Holford (University of Auckland)
Advisory Committee: Andrew Davidson and Joshua Kausman

Thesis Title: Optimising immunosuppressant dosing in kidney transplantation: better outcomes through quantitative pharmacology

Thesis Summary: Precision dosing of anti-rejection drugs in kidney transplantation is an area of intense research, aiming to minimise rejection without excessive toxicities. This thesis advances understanding of contemporary practice and establishes an evidence-based case for individualising mycophenolate dosing to drug concentration target. Evidence is provided for body size-adjusted dosing of mycophenolate to increase precision from time of transplantation, and for using unbound drug concentrations to enable reduced frequency of drug concentration measurement, with a view to future use in mainstream practice.

Date awarded: 8 July 2021

David Kieran Metz