Graduate Research Degree Awarded - Gregory King

Congratulations to Gregory King - Graduate Research Degree Awarded 26 April 2022.

Degree: PhD
Supervisors: Professor Igor Konstantinov, Professor Yves d'Udekem, Professor Robert Weintraub
Advisory Committee: Professor Vera Ignjatovic, Doctor Ajay Iyengar

Thesis Title: Atrioventricular Valve Function During Single Ventricle Palliation

Thesis Summary: Children born with functional single ventricle heart disease represent the most severe end of the spectrum of congenital heart disease. In this thesis, it was demonstrated that there is an enormous, and previously unrecognised, burden of atrioventricular valve failure in patients undergoing single ventricle palliation. Furthermore, risk factors for developing atrioventricular valve failure, and the subsequent clinical consequences, were elucidated. Ultimately, these results have important clinical implications for  this growing and complex cohort of patients.

Date awarded: 26 April 2022

Gregory King PhD Graduate