Graduate Research Degree Awarded - Karen McLean

Congratulations to Karen McLean - Graduate Research Degree Awarded 28 April 2021.

Degree: PhD
Supervisors: Prof Sharon Goldfeld (Principal), Prof Harriet Hiscock, Prof Dorothy Scott
Advisory Committee: Prof Peter Anderson (Chair), Ms Liana Buchanan, Prof Aron Shlonsky

Thesis Title: Assessment of health needs of children entering out-of-home care in Victoria: a mixed methods study

Thesis Summary: Children entering out-of-home care have high rates of health needs. National standards require timely health assessment upon entering care. My research – an out-of-home-care clinic audit, retrospective data linkage cohort study, and foster and kinship carer study - explored whether health needs were routinely assessed upon entry to care in Victoria, Australia, and identified barriers to assessment. Assessment is neither routine nor timely. The statutory environment, inadequate carer support, consent processes and fragmented paediatric and mental healthcare must be addressed.

Date awarded: 28 April 2021

Karen McLean

Congratulations Karen.