Graduate Research Degree Awarded - Marnie Downes

Congratulations to Marnie Downes - Graduate Research Degree Awarded 19 January 2021.

Supervisors:Prof John Carlin (Principal), Prof Dallas English
Advisory Committee: Prof Melissa Wake (Chair)

Thesis Title: Multilevel regression and poststratification as a modelling approach for estimating descriptive population parameters from highly selected survey samples in large-scale health studies
Thesis SummaryLarge-scale surveys in epidemiology and population health are increasingly hampered by the difficulty of recruiting representative samples of participants. This research has demonstrated, through a combination of case study analyses and simulation experiments, that multilevel regression and poststratification (MRP), a method originally developed for inference in political science, is a valuable analytic approach for producing reliable and accurate inference for descriptive population parameters in large-scale health surveys where samples may not be representative of the target population of interest.

Date awarded: 19 January 2021

Marnie Downes