Graduate Research Degree Awarded - Sedigheh (Sedi) Jalali

Congratulations to Sedigheh (Sedi) Jalali - Graduate Research Degree Awarded 14 April 2023.

Degree: PhD
Supervisors: Daniel Pellicci (Primary supervisor), Andrew Brooks, Igor Konstantinov, Paul Licciardi
Advisory Committee: Stephen Kent (Chair), Annette Marsh

Thesis Title:  Immune Cell Profiling the Peripheral Blood of Heart and Lung Transplant Recipients

Thesis Summary: The human immune system is important for protection against diseases and changes throughout life, with newborns and elderly individuals being more susceptible to certain diseases. Understanding the immune system's composition throughout life is crucial for treating human disease. In this thesis, the author used high-dimensional spectral flow cytometric analysis to create an immune cell atlas of individuals ranging from newborns to 75 years old. The study focused on lung and heart transplant recipients and found that changes in the immune system early in life likely influence the body's response to certain diseases. The study also identified immune cell biomarkers of heart transplant rejection and found that only calcineurin inhibitors blocked the activation of certain immune cells, which could lead to improved outcomes for solid organ transplant recipients. Overall, the study provides a comprehensive understanding of the human immune system and its changes throughout life.

Date awarded: 14 April 2023

Sedi Jalali PhD Grad