Graduate Research Degree Awarded - Tianyu Wang

Congratulations to Tianyu Wang - Graduate Research Degree Awarded 15 February 2021.

Supervisors: Prof Ed Stanley (Principal), Prof Andrew Elefanty
Advisory Committee: Dr Ann Frazier (Chair), A/Prof Shireen Lamande

Thesis Title: Exploring Efficient Generation of InsulinProducing Cells from iPSCs, to Enhance Cell Therapy for Type I Diabetes
Thesis SummaryType I Diabetes is an immune disorder resulting from the loss of insulin-producing cells. Promising cell therapy is the replacement of lost cells using iPSCs. To optimize the generation of insulin-producing cells from iPSCs, we examined variations in the differentiation protocols with the aim of increasing the yield and functionality of the final cell product. Specifically, using a suspension-based differentiation system, we show that SCF addition has the potential to promote cell proliferation during the early stages of differentiation.

Date awarded: 15 February 2021

Tianyu Wan