Not Yoga 2020 Symposium


Welcome to NotYoga 2020

Wednesday December 2nd, 2020

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NotYoga* is our first annual event that is aimed at all medical professionals at any stage of their careers. It is also targeted and relevant for anyone interested in clinician health and those supporting medical professionals in the workplace or interested in healthcare system transformation for improving workforce wellbeing.

*To be clear, yoga is great. We are for yoga and it is an important part of millions of people's lives around the world, including from a spiritual and cultural perspective. But it is not the antidote for a broken healthcare system, a quick fix for doctor's with compassion fatigue or instead of tackling the big problems.

About this Event

The innovative program will include plenaries, TED style talks and interactive panels with stimulating and diverse guest speakers.

It is Not Yoga.

We encourage you to come and learn and connect with inspiring leaders and start to build a community.

We will work together to enact change.

Our Partners

  • Pandemic Kindness Movement
  • Victorian Doctor’s Health Program
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Doctor’s Health in Queensland
  • Gathering of Kindness

Steering Committee

A/Prof Jane Munro

Dr Kym Jenkins

Dr Tracey Tay

Dr Margaret Kay

Mr Eric Levi

A/Prof Anne Powell

Dr Nardine Elzahaby

Dr Simon Fleming

Prof Cathy Crock

Dr Andrew Tagg

Speakers & Panel Members

Mr Glenn Haughton

Dr Chris Turner

Dr Shahina Braganza

Gill Hicks

A/Prof Marie Bismark

Mr David Clarke

Dr Bethan Richards

Dr Suzi Nou

Dr Claire Skinner

Dr Hash Adbeen

Mr Eric Levi

Dr Andy Tagg

Dr Margaret Kay

Dr Kym Jenkins

A/Prof Anne Powell

Dr Simon Fleming

Dr Tracey Tay