Group Members


Dr Amit Lampit (co-leader)

I am a CR Roper Senior Research Fellow and clinical neuroscientist specialising in cognitive training across the lifespan and brain disorders, clinical trials and research synthesis.I also hold dual appointments at the Department of Neurology, Charité University Hospital Berlin and the Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Humboldt University. Previously I held a NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellowship (2016-2019) as well as a research fellow position at the Brain and Mind Centre & School of Psychology, University of Sydney.

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Dr Alex Bahar-Fuchs (co-leader)

I am a researcher and clinician specializing in the field of cognitive ageing. My early work furthered our understanding of olfactory cognitive processes and their relevance to the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease.

More recently, my research interests have broadened and include the development, evaluation and synthesis of non-pharmacological interventions aimed at primary and secondary prevention of cognitive decline and dementia, often using emerging technologies.. I obtained my BA in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology from Ben-Gurion University in Israel, and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology here at the University of Melbourne. I then completed a PhD in clinical neuropsychology at Monash University along with all requirements of an MA in clinical neuropsychology. I completed postdoctoral training at the Centre for Research on Ageing, Health, and Wellbeing at the Australian National University. Between July 2014 and December 2016, I was based at the Joseph Sagol Centre for Neuroscience at Sheba Medical Centre, Israel, as part of an NHMRC Overseas-Based Clinical Early Career Fellowship. In 2017, I was awarded a Boosting Dementia Research Leadership Fellowship from the National Health and Medical Research Council. I am a founding member and Chair of CIDER - an International Working Group, focused on the advancement of methodological quality of cognition-focused intervention trials for people at risk of dementia. I am also the Chair (2016-2019) of the Non-Pharmacological Interventions Professional Interest Area (PIA) of the International Society for the Advancement of Alzheimer's Research and Treatment (ISTAART).

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Dr Hanna Malmberg Gavelin (postdoctoral fellow)

Hanna Malmberg Gavelin is a post doctoral fellow at the Cognitive Interventions Technologies and Evaluation Research Group at the Academic Unit for Psychiatry of Old Age. She completed her PhD in 2019 at Umeå University, Sweden. Her research has focused on how stress-related illness influences the brain and cognitive function, and how cognitive impairments can be treated in the context of stress rehabilitation. She is also a clinical psychologist with experience from working with older adults with cognitive decline and stress rehabilitation. She is currently working on research projects involving combined cognitive and physical training, as well as evidence synthesis in the field of cognition-oriented treatments for older adults.

Julieta Sabates

Julieta Sabates (PhD student)

I am a PhD candidate at the Academic Unit for Psychiatry of Old Age at The University of Melbourne. Before moving to Australia, I completed a 6-year degree in Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), and two postgraduate specialisation clinical degrees in Schizophrenia. I joined the Cognitive Interventions Technologies and Evaluations (CITE) Research Group in 2017 and realised while I was working as a research assistant that I wanted a career in academia. I started my PhD in 2019, where I am focusing on cognitive interventions for neuropsychiatric symptoms of people with young-onset dementia. My main research interests include psychosocial interventions, young-onset dementia, neuropsychiatric symptoms, psychotic disorders and severe mental-illnesses in general.


Kaori Mitsui (PhD student)

I’m a Ph.D. student (with degrees in psychology and gerontology, and years of experiences in helping clinical studies) currently working on my project, virtual reality based cognitive training for older adults.  Besides my current project, my other interests are: mild cognitive impairment, physical exercise, successful aging, and so on.  I enjoy chatting over a cup of coffee or two, watching sports games, and doing my walking exercise.

Ruth Minkov

Ruth Minkov (research assistant)

I’m a current student of the Master of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology) program at the University of Melbourne. I worked as a research assistant before completing my undergraduate Honours degree at the University of New England. I subsequently relocated to Melbourne and completed a post-graduate certificate in International Business. I am passionate about contributing to the body of knowledge in neuropsychological research. My research interests include: neuropsychological assessment and intervention in ADHD; the role of sex and gender in the presentation and diagnosis of neuropsychological disorders; and understanding neuropsychological symptoms resulting from medications and physical illnesses.

Viviana Sastre Gomez

Viviana Sastre Gomez (MC-BMEDSC student)

I am a candidate for a master's degree in Biomedical Science.  My main research interests include memory, emotion and how technologies are useful to understand the cognitive architecture and cognitive interventions. Before living in Australia, In Colombia I worked as a researcher in two areas: the social-emotional and cognitive development underlying Theory of Mind, falses beliefs, semantic language and emotions.  I studied Psychology at The University La Sabana in Colombia and completed a Master's degree in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). In Argentina, I worked as a research assistant in the area of cognition at National Council of Scientific Research and Techniques (CONECET) and Interdisciplinary Research Center in Psychology, Mathematics and Experimental (CIPME)

Group alumni

Dr Anna Wolf (postdoctoral fellow)

Dr Mary Castellani (research assistant)

Christopher Dong (Honours student)

Benjamin Hodge (Honours student)