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CITE is a research group within the Academic Unit for Psychiatry of Old Age in the Department of Psychiatry, co-led by Dr Amit Lampit and Dr Alex Bahar-Fuchs. We develop, evaluate, implement and study the mechanisms of cognition-oriented treatments across the lifespan and brain disorders.

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Applications for 2021 CITE internship in research synthesis are open.

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Some specific questions underlying our group’s research include:

  • How can cognitive treatments best support cognition and function in healthy people and those with cognitive impairments?
  • What are the biopsychosocial mechanisms that underpin cognitive treatment gains?
  • How can emerging technologies be used to optimise the benefits of cognitive treatments?
  • How to effectively combine cognitive and other evidence-based treatments (e.g., physical exercise and behaviour change) for best outcomes?
  • What are the most appropriate trial methodologies to advance research on cognitive interventions?
  • How can evidence synthesis methods be used to answer key clinical questions regarding the effects of cognitive treatments?

Projects conducted in our lab are multidisciplinary and involve a range of methodologies. We have extensive collaborations with researchers in Melbourne, as well as nationally and internationally. Our projects tend to fall into three broad research themes:

  1. Optimising intervention design (including with emerging technologies)
  2. Optimising trial design, implementation, and reporting
  3. Optimising evidence synthesis methods