A Voice at the Table: An Integrated Model of Pastoral Care Practice in the Multidisciplinary Team in Aged Mental Health

A Resource Book for Pastoral Care Practitioners integrated into multidisciplinary teams was written as part of a wider plan to develop evidence based practice in this essential aspect of care. The knowledge needs of pastoral care workers regarding aged mental health have been documented during three month mentored individual rotations of three pastoral care practitioners in the acute inpatient unit of St Vincent's Aged Mental Health Service.

The nature of their interventions has been documented and analysed. The Resource Book is a response to these identified needs. This model will form the basis of further studies to evaluate the effectiveness of pastoral care interventions.

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Genetic Discrimination: Know Your Rights

A resource booklet written for people affected by genetic disorders, family members, caregivers, and those professionals who give advice to these communities. Genetic Discrimination: Know Your Rights aims to inform and educate consumers of legal services in order to improve knowledge of the law relating to genetic discrimination.

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