New papers from the AUPOA

Dr Eleanor Curran, Dr Terence Chong, Alissa Westphal, and the AUPOA team have published exciting new papers recently.

Dr Eleanor Curran led the publication of two papers related to how physical activity interventions for dementia risk reduction can be better tailored:

  • A systematic review and thematic synthesis of qualitative evidence on general population perspectives on dementia risk reduction.
  • A model for how physical activity interventions can be designed for people experiencing cognitive concerns and symptoms of depression and anxiety. This paper has been listed as an Editor's Choice!

Dr Terence Chong led the publication of:

  • A qualitative paper exploring GPs' perceptions about a proposed "four-in-one" risk assessment tool that would be able to assess risk for dementia, diabetes mellitus, myocardial infarct, and stroke.
  • A report on the potential for physical activity and technology interventions to reduce anxiety in older adults - this was a follow-up study with the INDIGO trial cohort.
  • A commentary on whether we can bridge the digital divide to improve the mental health of older adults.

Alissa Westphal, Dr Terence Chong and their team have also published an evaluation of the Mental Health and Primary Care Partnership (MaP) pilot program. This was a partnership between the Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network and the St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne Aged Persons Mental Health Service, and provided free brief mental health interventions to older adults in the community and in residential aged care facilities whose symptoms were not severe.

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