New AUPOA Publication: Using Reminiscence with People with Dementia

Admission to hospital can be confusing and frightening for a person with dementia as they struggle to understand what is happening and where they are.  Reminiscence provides a practical and easy to use approach that enables family, carers and staff to engage more meaningfully with the person with dementia.

This manual, produced as part of a project funded by the Commonwealth's Department of Health 3rd Dementia Communities Program, provides practical information that staff and volunteers can use to adopt and implement reminiscence within everyday care of people with dementia who are hospitalised. The manual may also be applied in other care settings.

Please click here to access the manual.

Interested in learning more about how reminiscence may be used to engage and enable people with dementia? Register your interest in participating in a reminiscing workshop in 2018 by contacting Alissa Westphal at