Centre for Women’s Mental Health

Louise Newman

Professor Louise Newman AM, Director

Professor Louise Newman AM, Director, Centre for Women's Mental Health and Professor of Psychiatry University of Melbourne. Professor Newman studies approaches to helping women with anxiety and depression during pregnancy and in early parenting. She has developed programs for mothers aimed at improving early attachment and infant development. She is recognised as a leader in the area of infant psychological development. Professor Newman provides advice to State and Commonwealth governments on early parenting support and child protection. She was awarded the Order of Australia for her work in child protection and human rights.

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Emotional and psychological support for women and their families during pregnancy and early parenting is a key mental health priority. A positive start to life with secure attachment relationships gives infants the resilience to manage life stress and promotes healthy psychological and emotional development. Mental health for mothers, their families and infants is at the heart of our research and clinical practice. Professor Louise Newman,AM, Professor of Psychiatry at University of Melbourne, Director, Centre for Women's Mental Health at the Royal Women's Hospital