Greek-Australian Travel Fellowship

With the generous support of Servier Laboratories Australia,  MNC has established the first Greek-Australian travelling fellowship in Neuropsychiatry in 2016. Now the MNC is seeking to establish a second fellowship for 2017.

These fellowships will support promising young clinical researchers from Greece to participate in important clinical research.

Taking place at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and Sunshine Hospital, the aim of these fellowships includes but is not limited to:

  1. Gaining experience in neuropsychiatric clinical and biological research
  2. Publish research in journals with high impact
  3. Develop expertise in research projects
  4. Facilitate development as a leader in neuropsychiatric research
  5. Collaborative on-going initiatives between major centres in Greece and Melbourne

Donate now and give Greek researchers a helping hand. Your donation will develop promising young clinical researchers into tomorrow’s neuropsychiatry leaders.

100% of donations are allocated to MNC / the specific project. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre acknowledges the importance of philanthropists in sustaining the highest calibre of research produced by our centre.

By making a financial donation you will help to improve the resources and infrastructure that are essential for our scientists, student researchers and clinicians to further discover the intricate workings of the brain and develop effective treatments for mental illnesses.

Help us to achieve our ultimate goal of improving the mental health of individuals in both clinical setting and the wider community.

Types of donations

We appreciate all forms of financial support, including:

  • Non-specific donations (for delegation to research areas most in need of funding, at the discretion of Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre).
  • Donations toward a certain area or field of neuropsychiatry research.
  • The support of a research fellowship (named in your honour or said person).
  • The purchase of an item of equipment.
  • Donations as a gift in the name of someone else.
  • A bequest.

For more information on these types of donations that you can make, please download the pdf document (pdf coming soon) or contact the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre directly. All donations above $2 are tax deductible.

How to donate

To make a donation, or to discuss other ways in which you can support our research please contact:
Ms Barbara Stachlewski
Office Manager
Ph: +61 03 9035 8628
Email: barbaras AT

Research Participants

Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre (MNC) at the University of Melbourne, is undertaking leading clinical research in psychiatric illness. This research will promote early detection and diagnosis and provide new ways to improve treatment.

You can help us by participating in one or multiple research studies like the ones below.

You can follow and get more details at our blog and facebook page (links open in new windows).