Media Mentions

The Conversation: "Like sightseeing in Paris – a new model for brain communication"

Medium: "Psychiatric treatments are helpful for some people but not others, and here’s why." (Feb 6, 2018)

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation : "New study illustrates how the brain of schizophrenia patients deteriorate at different rates for gray & white matter." (Feb 5, 2018)

Neos Kosmos : "We want to make Melbourne an annual destination for Greek researchers" (15 Jan 2018)

The Conversation: "People diagnosed with the same mental illness can be quite different, and research must address this"

University of Melbourne's Pursuit news article:
"Mapping how schizophrenia changes brains"

ABC Radio : The World Today with Eleanor Hall
Download segment reported by Tim Brunero (July 3, 2017).

The Conversation: "Growing up in disadvantaged areas may affect teens’ brains, but good parenting can help"

Reuters : "Positive parenting may offset brain effects of poverty"

Neos Kosmos : Inaugural Greek-Australian Fellowship Completed

Neos Kosmos (Greek language version): Inaugural Greek-Australian Fellowship Completed

THE Australian : 2016-10-12 article in HIGHER EDUCATION

Neos Kosmos : 2016-10-10 article

The Guardian : Cortisol levels in children's hair may reveal future mental health risk

University of Melbourne's Pursuit news article:
"Hair samples may help predict mental illness in children"

The Conversation:
"Here's another reason kids don't belong in detention: trauma changes growing brains"

ABC Radio: Patricia Karvelas RN Drive interview:
"Serotonin gene magnifies life events"

University of Melbourne's The Melbourne Newsroom article:
"Gene magnifies the psychological impact of life events, for better and for worse"
UoM's The Melbourne Newsroom article

ABC Radio: Jon Faine 774 ABC Mornings program interview:
"Siblings of children with schizophrenia show resilience to the condition as they grow up"
Download Interview

Australian Rotary Health Hat Day Blog page: "Treating Schizophrenia"

University of Melbourne's Up Close interview:
"Screening along the spectrum: The search for a genetic test for autism"

Translational Psychiatry: "Effects of NRG1 and DAOA genetic variation on transition to psychosis in individuals at ultra-high risk for psychosis"
(Nature article PDF)

ABC NEWS: "Genetic test to predict the risk for autism"

ABC NEWS: "Researchers develop genetic test for autism"

The Conversation: "Pleasure Centre: How Video Games Affect Young Brains"

Society of Biological Psychiatry: "Orbitofrontal Volumes in Early Adolescence Predict Initiation of Cannabis Use: A 4-Year Longitudinal and Prospective Study"
(Biologocal Psychiatry in-press PDF)

Print and Online media compilation: "Brain-Cannabis link"
(print and online mentions in PDF) -upload

The University of Melbourne: "Cognitive control problems in addiction".

Catalyst: "Marijuana madness"

Channel 10 & CSIRO: "Puberty and the adolescent brain".

Scientific American: "Faulty Circuits".
(for Insel PDF)

Print media compilation: "Brain folds linked to cognitive abilities"
(media mentions PDF)

The University of Melbourne: "Folds in the brain could predict intelligence"
(Press Release PDF)

ABC Science: "Brain efficiency comes from parents"
(ABC News PDF)

Cosmos: "Brain cost-efficiency linked to family genes"
(Cosmos article PDF)

MX Melbourne: "Brainiacs born this way"
(MX Story PDF)

The Age: "Is human brain function largely based on our genes"
(TheAGE_ask_an_expert PDF)

Mooney Valley Weekly: "Out of the darkness"
(mooney valley media)

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