MNC Christmas and Centre Highlights 2017

MNC Christmas - Season's greetings!

Celebrating the festive season and the successes at the Centre.

Congratulations on the many accomplishments, especially these;

NHMRC Program Grant:
2019-2023 Sexton, P Christopoulos, A, Pantelis, C, Parton R.
Translating membrane proteins into therapeutics; from bedside to bench.
NHMRC Program Grant (ID: APP1150083). $9,466,000.

NHMRC Project Grants:
2018-20 Harrison BJ, Davey C, Kircher T, Gray M, Schmaal L.
A brain-based model of anxiety sensitivity in panic disorder.
NHMRC Project Grant (ID: 1145010). $402,214.

2018-20 Zalesky A, Calamante F, Cocchi L, Pantelis C.
Connectomic biotyping of schizophrenia patients.
NHMRC Project Grant (ID: APP1142801). $265,000.

2018-22 Palmer V, Gunn J, Harvey C, Furler J, Osborn D, Davidson S, Jayaram M, Chondros P
Assertive Care: a randomised trial to reduce cardiovascular risk for people with severe mental illness.

NHMRC Project Grant (ID: 1141344) $1,487,356.80

NHMRC Fellowships:
2018-23 Zalesky A, NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship B (SRF-B; ID: 1136649). $707,000.
2018-2022 Loi S, NHMRC Early Career Fellowship (ID: 1138968). $229,771.

NHMRC Funding (Orygen primary):
2018-21 Davey C, Loo C, Cotton S, Glozier N, Baune B, Amminger GP, Harrison BJ, Hermens D, Somogyi A, Martin D.
A randomised control trial of low-dose ketamine in youth with severe depression and elevated suicide risk.
NHMRC Project Grant (ID: 1145010). $2,200,000.

Tamsyn Van Rheenen, on being named an Association for Psychological Science 2017 ‘Rising Star’ and for receiving $45,000 from the Henry Freeman Trust grant to explore cross-diagnostic cognitive subgroups of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.