The Centre

The Centre undertakes research, training, service development and policy reform, promoting mental health recovery beyond that offered by biological treatments alone. The Centre works with a broad range of community organisations to foster research and service partnerships in three priority areas:

  • Enhancing recovery from mental illness through social and economic participation
  • Bridging current evidence and practice gaps in the delivery of psychosocial interventions, for instance, through the development and evaluation of Family Psychoeducational programs in the community and non-government sector
  • Building new evidence for psychosocial approaches that enhance recovery from mental illness by designing and managing research programs concerning family involvement and ways to support consumers to access education and employment opportunities
  • Our Aim

    The aim of the Psychosocial Research Centre is to collaborate with consumers, their families, practitioners, managers, policy makers, academics and other stakeholders in the wider community in order to:

    • Engage the perspectives of consumers, carers and advocates in the development of psychosocial policy, practice and research;
    • Develop innovative psychosocial recovery programs and promote the expansion of pre-existing projects with successful outcomes;
    • Undertake and encourage research and evaluation of psychosocial approaches to mental health;
    • Build and disseminate the knowledge base of excellence in psychosocial practice;
    • Deliver education and training to enable mental health services to implement psychosocial approaches;
    • Develop policy that supports and promotes best practice in psychosocial mental health.
  • Our Vision

    The Vision of the Psychosocial Research Centre is to generate and foster innovative, practice based psychosocial research and training for the recovery of people living with mental illness and the benefit of their families and the community.

Carol Harvey

Professor Carol Harvey, Director

Professor Carol Harvey holds a joint appointment between the University of Melbourne and North Western Mental Health. She was awarded MD by the University of Melbourne in 2007 and has been appointed as a "Fellow of the Melbourne Medical School Academy of Clinical Teachers" in recognition of contribution and leadership. Carol Harvey is an authority on a wide range of psychosocial interventions, including family psycho education, supported employment and approaches to social re-engagement, in recovery focused treatment services. She is highly experienced in the training, implementation and evaluation of these interventions, and was an investigator in the 2010 Australian national survey of psychosis (Survey of High Impact Psychosis, SHIP).

If we realize the full potential of psychosocial treatments in routine mental health care, this will help consumers greatly in achieving fuller recovery and becoming more active citizens. This will transform consumers' lives, as well as those of their families. Professor Carol Harvey, Director, Psychosocial Research Centre