St Vincent’s Mental Health Research Unit


The St Vincent's Mental Health Research Unit has two broad areas of core research, namely optimizing mental health care, and integrating physical and mental health. The research is
aligned with the clinical services. The Academic Unit for Psychiatry of Old Age is part of the St Vincent's Aged Mental Health service and is a significant collaborative partner of the St
Vincent's Mental Health Research Unit. We also have strong research links with Swinburne University and the Cardiovascular Research Centre at Australian Catholic University.

The Unit's specific research activities include early psychosis, body image disorders, mental health promotion and prevention, epidemiology, strengths-based models of care, acute psychiatricbased
care, psychopharmacology, transcultural mental health, international mental health, neuropsychiatry, psychotherapy (notably mindfulness and its applicability in people with physical
health problems), and psychosocial cancer care.

The majority of the Unit's research is underpinned by a multidisciplinary collaborative approach and we are currently engaged in a number of research initiatives with other St Vincent's
Departments and external organisations, nationally and internationally.

In addition to comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programs, St Vincent's Mental Health Research Unit has a strong commitment to research support, development and
training of both clinical and academic staff

David Castle

Professor David Castle, Chair of Psychiatry, St Vincent's Health

Professor David Castle is Chair of Psychiatry at St Vincent's Health. His clinical and research interests include schizophrenia and related disorders, cannabis abuse, and bipolar disorder. A specific area of interest is the medical care of people with a mental illness. He is also pursuing his work on Obessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) spectrum disorders, notably body dysmorphic disorder. David has had received a number of awards for his work, most recently the Senior Research Award from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. He is on a number of advisory boards and editorial boards, and is a reviewer for over 30 national and international scientific journals.

The interaction between mind and body is at the core of our research. We seek to validate comprehensive models of care to effect the best health outcomes encompassing both physical and psychiatric domains. Professor David Castle, Chair of Psychiatry, St Vincent's Health