Core Programs

PhD Student Exchange Traineeships

The Centre will jointly train PhD students enrolled at the University of Melbourne or Peking University. The exchange traineeship will provide a period of international research and/or training
that is supervised by an expert or specialist in the trainee's field of interest. The traineeship experience will range from 1 to 12 months in length depending on student's research and/or
training goals.

Support for travel and living expenses for the time spent away from the 'home' institution will be supported by the Centre or other available funding schemes.
Each PhD student will have at minimum two supervisors, one from the University of Melbourne and one from Peking University. Each supervisor will be supported by a supervisory committee
that will meet annually to discuss student progress.

Post-Doctoral Exchange Fellowships

The Centre will also support a limited number of Post-Doctoral Exchanges. Individual applications and proposals will be processed with funding secured through joint applications and