Asia-Australia Mental Health

AAMH Staff


Asia-Australia Mental Health (AAMH) is a consortium of St Vincent's Health (St. Vincent's Mental Health) and the University of Melbourne (Department of Psychiatry and the Asialink Centre). Established in 2003, AAMH partners academic, government, health sector community and peak bodies in Asia and Australia to improve mental health services and outcomes across the Asia-Pacific region.

AAMH supports large national mental health service reform programs in China, India, Japan, and the Pacific, with emerging programs in Indonesia and the Sub-Mekong region. Drawing on the substantial expert knowledge and experience of the consortium and its national and international partners, AAMH collaborates with colleagues in the region to develop and deliver culturally and context appropriate training programs, materials, and mentoring. All AAMH programs contribute to the Melbourne WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health.

Julia Fraser

Julia Fraser, Co-Director

Julia Fraser directs a wide range of high level initiatives within Australia and internationally. Her expertise is in planning and implementing system wide change programs for the Asian region and nationally. Her expertise includes large-scale project management, developing curriculum and delivering training programs for diverse audiences on topics such as change management, cultural intelligence, marketing and promotion and leadership training and coaching.

The growing global epidemic of mental illness calls out for international solutions that are culturally applicable, feasible with current economic and political contexts, and focused on rapidly skilling national workforces. Julia Fraser, Co-Director, Asia-Australia Mental Health