2022 Academic Seminar Series: 13 April

2022 Department of Psychiatry Seminar Series

Prof. Chris Davey, Head of the Department of Psychiatry, is pleased to extend an invitation to our next 2022 seminar. Please join us for this informative presentation, which will be held both in-person and via Zoom.

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Guest Speaker: Dr Trevor Steward

  • Title:‘The neurobiology of cognitive restructuring negative self-beliefs and its relevance to binge-eating behaviours’
  • Guest Presenter: Dr Trevor Steward BSci(Psychology) MNeuro MDNeuro PhD
  • Topic: In this talk, Dr Steward will share his extensive research experience regarding the neurobiology of negative self-beliefs, how negative self-beliefs are relevant to psychopathology, and details of exciting new projects examining the neural circuitry linked to binge-eating behaviours.
  • About: Dr Trevor Steward is a NHMRC/MRFF Emerging Leadership Fellow at The University of Melbourne in the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences. Trevor’s primary research interest focusses on using ultra high-field 7-Telsa MRI technology to understand how subcortical regions of the brain contribute to common symptoms found across psychiatric disorders. Although the majority of his research to date has examined the neuropsychopathology of eating disorders, he has also conducted studies on gambling disorder, PTSD, and obesity. Trevor’s aim is to leverage neuroimaging tools to inform brain-based treatments and to predict individual clinical outcomes. He is the co-author of over eighty publications, including in journals such as Molecular Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine.


The Department of Psychiatry Academic Seminar Series is a joint presentation between the Department of Psychiatry, The University of Melbourne, NorthWestern Mental Health, and The Royal Melbourne Hospital.