Department of Psychiatry Awards 2018

The Department of Psychiatry Awards event was held on the 4 December 2018. It was a pleasure to have the newly appointed Head of Melbourne Medical School, Professor John Prins, attend to present some awards. The awards which included Master of Psychiatry Teaching Awards and the John Adey Award and the John Cade Memorial Medal Award for 2017.  The Bruce Singh Award was presented by Professor Bruce Singh.

The Master of Psychiatry Teaching Awards are based on the collation of student feedback for 2018 and awarded to lecturers with the highest scores in core subjects and the highest score for coordinators in selective subjects of the Master of Psychiatry.

The Bruce Singh Award is bestowed upon the highest achieving student averaged across three years in the Master of Psychiatry.  The Awardee was Dr Malcolm Forbes.

The 2017 John Adey and John Cade Memorial Medal Award (RANZCP) was awarded to Cassandra Spanos in February 2018.

Staff who received a Master of Psychiatry teaching award were:

Dr Lee Allen             --   The Psychiatric Interview 
Dr Elizabeth Dent     --   Classification
Dr Jenny Randles     --  Therapeutic alliance and Misalliance & Supportive Psychotherapy
Dr Olivia Wong          --  Consent and capacity assessment
Dr Eleanor Curran     --  Dementia -who gets it and why?
Dr Dennis Handrinos --  Perinatal Psychiatry Selective
Ms Claire Diffey        --   Eating disorders