Department of Psychiatry End of Year Awards 2022

Professor Chris Davey welcomed staff and students to the Annual Awards event held on 8 December 2022.

The teaching awards recognise the contribution of our teachers who teach into the Master of Psychiatry program.

Many of our teachers have been contributing to the course for well over two decades and we have had a steady stream of new and enthusiastic teachers joining us as well. Some teachers are involved in the co-ordination responsibilities for each subject and provide more in-depth teaching whilst others contribute to specialised topics. Many of our on-campus teachers have been involved in development of the online content as well. Traditionally we have acknowledged our on-campus teachers based on feedback received from students.

Our online course continued seamlessly this year, thanks to all the tutors who ensured that despite the increased number of students online, the quality of teaching continued to a high standard.

We acknowledged the following staff who have been contributing to the online course and recognised their achievements.

The following staff received awards:

Dr Sam Pang - 2022 Master of Psychiatry - Award for engaged and impactful teacherDr Isaac Lim - 2022 Ethics in Psychiatry Course - Award for contribution to a new and innovative subjectAssociate Professor Trevor Norman - 2022 Master of Psychiatry - Award for engaged and impactful teacherDr Karuppiah Jagadheesan - 2022 Master of Psychiatry - Award for engaged and impactful teacher

The following staff received the Award for engaged and impactful teaching in Doctor of Medicine MD Mental Health at our sites:

Dr MJ Yoo -  Royal Melbourne HospitalDr Jane Jeong - Austin HospitalDr Benjamin Ziegler - Austin HospitalDr Miriam Schaefer - Western Hospital

The award winners for the best presentations held at the 2022 Department Research Symposium were:

Poster presentations:Winner 1:  Hadis JameeiWinner 2:  Yoshito Saito

Oral Presentation Winner:  Christine Leonards

A warm congratulations is extended to award recipients.