International Collaboration in Depression Research and Training

The Department of Psychiatry and Wenzhou Medical University Affiliated Kangning Hospital have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish an International Collaborating Centre focusing on research, training and academic fellow exchange of depression and related disorders.

Depression and its related disorders have already become one of the major mental illness in China as well as in the world. In Wenzhou Kangning Hospital, there are over 20,000 outpatients diagnosed with depression annually, and this number increases 20%-30% each year.

Wenzhou Kangning Hospital (currently the affiliated Kangning Hospital of Wenzhou Medical Univesrity) founded in 1996 is the only class 3-A private psychiatric hospital in China. As a national key specialized psychiatry clinic unit, the hospital consists of 1050 beds.

The Wenzhou Kangning Hosptial Co., Ltd. is founded with the Wenzhou Kangning Hospital as the core component, whose services cover whole Zhenjiang Province, with recent expansion to Bohai economic circle and southwest China. To date, the corporation runs 13 medical institutions, including seven self-built mental hospitals and six medical institutions via trusteeship, with a total capacity of 2860 beds.