Peking University Institute of Mental Health Delegation

Led by Professor Xin Yu and Professor Huali Wang, a delegation of seven clinical researchers from Peking University Institute of Mental Health, visited the Department of Psychiatry from 6 to 9 August 2019.

Peking University Institute of Mental Health is an integrated centre for psychiatric service, training and research, and has a long-standing collaborative relationship with the Department of Psychiatry. The University of Melbourne and Peking University Centre for Psychiatry Research and Training was established in 2014 and has fostered psychiatric research and training collaborations across both institutions.

On 7 August, a joint research meeting was held at The University of Melbourne and chaired by Professor Nicola Lautenschlager, Interim Head of Department. Researchers from both the Department of Psychiatry and Peking University showcased their latest psychiatric research and education projects which covered a wide range of cutting-edge topics.

On 8 August, the delegation joined the Department’s 8th Annual Research Symposium, Theme: ‘Mental Health in a time of change: The role of research’. The delegation was pleased to see the vibrant discussions on mental health policy and the showcase of current research projects by Department of Psychiatry students and early career researchers.