Department of Psychiatry Awards 2019

Professor Nicola Lautenschlager welcomed Department of Psychiatry staff to the annual Master of Psychiatry teaching awards held on 4 December 2019 in the Dax Gallery. Professor Lautenschlager thanked all staff for their contribution to the Department's research and teaching activities throughout 2019.

The Master of Psychiatry teaching awards are given to lecturers with the highest evaluation scores in core subjects and the highest score for coordinators in selective subjects.

The Department congratulates the following staff who received a 2019 Master of Psychiatry teaching award:

First year                            Topic

Dr Tom Rego                        Neuropsychiatry
Prof Mal Hopwood            Neurobiology of Depression
Prof Louise Newman        Prenatal Disorders
Dr Jaco Erasmus                Gender
Dr Priscilla Yardley            Psychotherapy in practice: CBT
A/Prof Richard Newton   Psychotherapy in practice: CBT

Second year                      Topic

Dr Paul Robertson             Infancy and Attachment & Trauma in Childhood
Dr Romi Goldschlager      Pain Psychiatry
Dr Lia Laios                          Perinatal Psychiatry
Dr Dan Hubik                       Functional GI Disorder
Dr Chamara Basnayake   Functional GI Disorder

Third year                         Topic

Dr Samantha Loi             Schizophrenia & related disorders
Dr Richard Bonwick       Older Veterans and their health
A/Prof James Olver        Ethical Hypothetical
Prof Lynn Gillam             Ethical Hypothetical

Selective award            Topic

Dr Celeste Hoopmann - Anxiety and Depression in the perinatal period & Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in the perinatal period
Dr Chris Haslett               Themes in psychodynamic assessment of psychiatric patients
A/Prof Jo Beatson           Managing the angry patient
Dr Priscilla Yardley          Behavioural and Cognitive interventions in CBT

The Department was honoured to welcome Professor Bruce Singh to present The Bruce Singh Award which is bestowed upon the highest achieving student averaged across three years of the Master of Psychiatry. The 2019 recipient of this award was Dr Evan Peterson.

We were delighted to welcome Natalie Seiler who received the 2018 John Adey and John Cade Memorial Medal Award.

The John Adey Prize in Psychiatry Award is awarded to the candidate placed first in the mental health component of the subject Principles of Clinical Practice 3 in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) course.

The John Cade Memorial Medal in Clinical Psychiatry Award is sponsored by the Victorian Branch of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) and is awarded to the student who places first overall in the oral and clinical examinations in the mental health term of the subject Principles of Clinical Practice 3 in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) course.

A warm congratulations is extended to award recipients.