Department of Psychiatry Travelling Fellowship and Scholarships 2020

Congratulations to Department of Psychiatry staff and students on their successful applications under the Department’s travelling scholarship and fellowship funds. The 2020 winners are:

Divyangana Rakesh  - Graham Burrows Travelling Scholarship is in honour of Professor Graham Burrows, a mental-health clinician, researcher and mentor and advocate for the mentally ill.  The funds were established through the generosity of the International Society for the investigation of Stress and Dr Barbara Burrows.

Dr Syeda Warda  - Nikolaos and Dimitra Pantelis Travelling Scholarship which was generously established by Professor Christos Pantelis and Mrs Kimberley Pantelis in honour of Christos' parents, to support students undertaking schizophrenia research within the Department of Psychiatry.

Dr Sarah Farrand  - Isaac Schweitzer Travelling Fellowship is in honour of Professor Izzy Schweitzer an outstanding researcher, clinician and teacher. The Fellowship is a legacy to his commitment to psychiatry and continued enhancement of clinical skills and academic knowledge for the treatment of mental health problems.

Please join us in congratulating these well deserved winners.