Jacob Stevenson

Jacob Stevenson
Jacob Stevenson
Doctor of Medicine, MD (second year)
Wangaratta RCS placement

The experience of studying in Wangaratta has been unforgettable. The hospital and teaching staff are engaging and caring, the area is beautiful and the students I live with are incredible. Every day is different, and we’re very fortunate to meet lots of interesting people.

This first clinical year of study has been a highlight of University life so far for me. It’s is full of new experiences and is offering a lot of insight into what the rest of my career might look like. In particular I’ve learned a lot from Dr. Steven Bismire, Wangaratta clinical school Sub-Dean. He’s been an incredible mentor, teaching us lots about the subtleties and nuance involved in delivering effective health care.

Moving away from home this year was a big challenge at first - I had never lived away before, so I had to learn the necessities of adult life while trying to stay on top of my studies. But the group I live with are incredible and I’ve made friendships for life. They have all made the transition to a new town smoother and being away from home easier.

Even though I do miss home sometimes, if given the opportunity to return to Melbourne I wouldn’t. I believe whole-heartedly that the experience here will hold me in good stead for the remainder of my studies and my career beyond.

My tips for other students: Put yourself out there, and don’t be afraid to ask for more opportunities in your studies. Being willing to try new things because that is the best way to learn. If you have a passion - sport, music, art - try your hardest to keep it up during your degree because once it’s gone it’s hard to find the time to start up again.