Cancer Services Department

Ms Sally Butzkueven,
Senior Project Officer, Cancer Services Department

Sally Butzkueven is a Senior Project Officer with the Cancer Services Department at Western Health.  Sally’s career started as a Speech Pathologist, working in clinical and leadership roles for over twenty years, including at Western Health from 2005.  In 2014 while working at Western Health, Sally transitioned into project officer roles on topics such as Allied Health Assistants, Interpreters, and Pathways for children with developmental delay.  Since joining the Cancer Services Department in 2017, Sally has worked with a range of internal and external collaborators on a range of projects related to service improvement and improved patient experience including:

  • PRO- INCCLUDE: Patient Reported Outcomes In Colorectal cancer patients from Culturally and LingUistically DiversE backgrounds
  • Improving Access to Cancer Care in the West: from Suspicion to Diagnosis - A project focussed on establishing clear and consistent referral pathways and triage systems into cancer-specific outpatient clinics, ensuring patients are seen in the right place and within acceptable timeframes.
  • Road to Recovery: Supporting patients undergoing curative upper GI surgery with an Optimal Nutrition Care Pathway
  • Co-PreP: Co-designing a prehabilitation program for Prostate Cancer patients at Western Health

Sally also facilitates other roles in the department such as the Cancer Services Consumer Advisory Committee and the website.