Our Centre is always on the lookout for future engagement opportunities to see our project mission come true and to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Total Joint Replacement processes for the overall benefit of the patient.

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Scholarships and Fellowships

The Australian Government are very supportive of diversity in research and higher education, as are we. The Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships aim to build Australia’s reputation for excellence in the provision of education and research, support the internationalisation of the Australian higher education and research sectors and offer high-achieving individuals from overseas opportunities to increase their productivity and expertise in their field.

If you're interested in our research and would like to engage with us in the short or long-term, this is a great opportunity to consider. Check out the Endeavour Scholarships website for further information, funding and eligibility criteria.

If you'd like to build a partnership with us, we'd like to hear from you. Please contact the Centre Manager to discuss current and future opportunities.



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