Professor Peter Choong Featured in The Australian, on Talking Lifestyle and on HeyOA!

New Report Pledges for New Model of Care for Osteoarthritis

OPUS Lead Chief Investigator Professor Peter Choong was in the media focus last week along with new MOVE - Muscle Bone and Joint Health's CEO Rob Anderson. Professor Choong told The Australia that "Thousands of Australians are benefiting from knee and hip replacements each year. However, research has identified that up to 15-20% may not be responding to surgery as intended. A new model of care for osteoarthritis has been developed that looks at improving the health of patients with osteoarthritis while holding back the need for joint replacement surgery."

“People with osteoarthritis often lack clear, evidence-based information and have to find their own way through a health service system which currently lacks integration,” says Rob Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of Move Australia. Professor Peter Choong said “People need to understand there can be much better ways to treat osteoarthritis, and surgery should be a last resort.”

Professor Choong also spoke on the same topic on Sydney radio show Talking Lifestyle with George and Paul and has also been featured as an invited guest speaker for the new HeyOA! podcast this month run by the Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI)

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