Clinical Placements Update

In light of successful social measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Australia, Melbourne Medical School’s MD students are commencing a phased return to clinical placements beginning on 1 June 2020 for students entering their final semester of the course (“Transition to Practice”). The principles guiding this resumption of clinical placements are:

  1. Students will commence placements as soon as it is practical, safe and educationally appropriate to do so.
  2. Students closest to graduation (or who, due to course structure, are most impacted by placement interruption) shall be the initial priority.
  3. The School’s approach will complement, and comply with, professional body guidelines and recommendations.
  4. There will be ongoing consideration of student choice and the provision of alternative arrangements, where feasible.
  5. All placements will comply with prevailing National, State and local (i.e. workplace) regulations and guidelines, including social distancing, spacing and prioritisation of personal protective equipment (PPE) availability.
  6. Where educationally appropriate, the Medical School may, through utilisation of student placements, assist in the community response to COVID-19.
  7. Parallel support of placements will continue to occur, including
    1. Simulation of workplace activities
    2. Course restructure and/or other timetabling rearrangements
    3. Inclusion of students in online workplace activities
    4. Competency-based assessments to determine level of students’ readiness for employment in the workplace.

Based on these principles, MD4 students will commence their usual Trainee Internships from 1 June 2020.  The Medical School’s goal is to return those in MD3 and MD2 to part-time placements in second semester depending on availability.  The resumption of placement experiences for those in MD1 remains under close review.

All students are reminded that the behaviour of the pandemic is unpredictable as restrictions are lifted and that, while as many placements will be made available as soon as possible, plans may have to change should the health system come under renewed pressure.  Students are encouraged to undertake their placements as early as possible and to communicate with their clinical school if they have concerns.

MD students

For MD student updates please continue to check MD-Connect and for any queries, please contact

Master of Genetic Counselling / Master of Genomics and Health students

For students of each of these programs, you will have received advice specific to your program from your course coordinator. Please continue to check your university email account. For any queries, please contact

Last updated : 8 May 2020