Student Ambassador Applications

Applications are currently closed.


Ambassadors represent the student body, Melbourne Medical School, and Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, both internally and externally. They assist with communications and stakeholder initiatives and attend events that focus on our alumni, research partners, Faculty stakeholders, and the wider community. This also involves building a culture of philanthropy to assist future medical students.

This year, we are looking to recruit Ambassadors interested in developing their leadership skills, as the current program expands into a Faculty-wide student leadership program.

Ambassadors are expected to present as professional, engaged and articulate. They are expected to show initiative and commitment, have an aptitude for teamwork and manage time effectively to fulfil their obligations. Ambassadors embody the following values of the Melbourne Medical School:

  • Commitment: working together to achieve excellence
  • Integrity: having the courage to act on our convictions
  • Compassion: understanding and caring about the needs of others
  • Respect: appreciating the intrinsic worth of humanity
  • Service: advancing and sharing knowledge related to health


  • Work with fellow ambassadors to develop visions and achieve goals
  • Represent and promote the Melbourne Medical School, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, and the University of Melbourne through student-led initiatives, Faculty events and through traditional and digital media
  • Assist in the preparation for, and attendance at, external stakeholder events
  • Enrich the experience of current and future students, alumni, and stakeholders
  • Participate in meetings as required
  • A commitment of at least one hour per week (on average)


  • Development of leadership, teamwork, public speaking, public engagement, communication and organisational skills
  • Valuable networking opportunities with students, academics, alumni, distinguished stakeholders and potential employers
  • Exposure to volunteerism, philanthropy, and associated benefits
  • Enhance skills in partnership and exchange
  • Become known as a community leader of the future
  • Gain valuable life experience
  • Attend exclusive events
  • Deep, long lasting mutually beneficial relationship with the Melbourne Medical School and Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences