Safety and Quality Improvement Project Plan

As part of the Vocational Selective assessment, you are required to design a safety and quality improvement project plan. A 1000 word report is to be submitted via your host clinical school by the end of the selective and a copy discussed with your supervisor. It is intended that your project will contribute useful information to the supervisor and his or her clinical team as well as increasing your understanding of and participation in the discipline's approach to these issues.

Suitable projects might include, for example, an audit of medication charts, an analysis of compliance with hand washing procedures, or a report on the appropriateness of patient information within the clinic. Consider this carefully and consult with your supervisor(s) as to the appropriateness / usefulness of project ideas.

Case-based Discussions

You will undertake at least two 30-minute case-based discussions with your supervisor during the 4 week term, involving a structured reporting of a patient's clinical presentation, management plan and the medical issues relevant to the case, at a level appropriate for a final year medical student. This may be undertaken as a presentation at a unit or clinic meeting if appropriate.

Supervisor Report

Supervisors are required to complete a structured report on your performance during the term, and are encouraged to discuss it with you before submitting it. You will be provided with a copy of this report to add to your vocational portfolio if you wish.