Transition to Practice (TTP) is the capstone subject for the Melbourne MD, rounding off the fourth year of your studies. TTP consists of four 4-week terms, one of which is Vocational Selective.

The Vocational Selective is intended to provide you with an opportunity to explore an area of medical practice of interest to you and which you might consider as a possible vocation.

Along with the MD Research Project that precedes it, the Vocational Selective (VS) is a formal part of the curriculum that carries expectations of the activities you will undertake under the dedicated supervision of clinical supervisor(s). The VS is conducted within the Melbourne Medical School's network of clinical placement sites, but not in the usual range of intern settings. As much as possible, you will experience the vocation in the same way as a Fellow of the discipline.

You might:

  • choose a discipline in which you have a particular interest, or perhaps additional learning needs.
  • negotiate and organise your own VS - 'Student-initiated' in Stage 1, for VS rotations additional to those which will be offered within your own clinical school.
  • preference those proposed by a supervisor - 'Supervisor-initiated' in Stage 1, for selected sites (including RVEEH, and the Melbourne Clinic)
  • choose to complete a rotation offered by your clinical school as part of the Stage 2 local match
  • apply to do your VS in a Metro setting if you are usually at RCS, or at RCS if you are usually in a Metro school (via Stage 2 clinical school matching process)
  • You are encouraged to think carefully about the selective you choose, while also being open to a range of possibilities. Try not to become fixated on securing a selective in a particular sub-specialty (or at a particular location with a particular supervisor) and narrow your choices unreasonably.