Policies, Procedures and Forms

Provides information on certain policies and procedures that relate to you as a Melbourne Medical School student.

General Policies & Procedures

Compliance Matters: Infectious Diseases & Immunisation, National Police Check, and Working with Children Policy
Late Submission Procedure PDF, 218.6 KB
Special Consideration FAQs
University-wide Policy Library
Guidelines for staff collaboration on student-initiated research projects PDF, 57.74 KB
Supplementary Form for Coursework Minor Thesis Special Consideration Applications 

MD Students


Clinical School Zone Allocation and Clinical School Allocation
Core Participation Statement PDF, 65.51 KB
Elective Clinical Placement (for students who commenced prior to 2014) PDF, 218.59 KB
Elective Clinical Placement (for students who commenced from 2014) PDF, 65.73 KB
Formal Feedback Policy Post-examination PDF, 66.65 KB
Four Week Rural Placement PDF, 75.41 KB
Guidelines for Deferral PDF, 83.2 KB
Long Leave of Absence PDF, 311.85 KB
MD Research Project Selection Policy PDF, 76.86 KB
MD Research Project Student Responsibility Policy PDF, 63.38 KB
MD Research Project Supervisor Responsibility Policy PDF, 62.93 KB
MD Research Project Travel Policy PDF, 75.3 KB
MD with Distinction PDF, 220.83 KB
Professional Behaviour Guidelines PDF, 105.7 KB
Progress Guidelines PDF, 599.38 KB
Short Leave of Absence
Transition to Practice – Overseas/Interstate Placements Policy PDF, 61.57 KB
Transition to Practice Standards for Vocational Selectives PDF, 71.46 KB
Extended Rural Cohort (ERC) Stream: Opt-In Policy  and Opt-Out Policy
Recruiting MD Students for Research Participation 
Rural Travel Reimbursement Procedure


Elective Assessment Report PDF, 61.38 KB
Elective Clinical Placement Application PDF, 75.36 KB
Elective Student Evaluation Report PDF, 60.11 KB
Long Leave of Absence PDF, 218.11 KB
MD Research Project Travel Declaration Form PDF, 73.12 KB
Short Leave of Absence (Year 1)
Short Leave of Absence (Years 2 - 4)
The Extended Rural Cohort Stream OPT-IN Application Form is available to Download (PDF 296KB)