Information on how Medical School students can access dedicated support services, and University support services.

Dedicated Medical School Health and Wellbeing Service

Who the Service is for:

The health and wellbeing practitioners offer free support services to University of Melbourne students currently enrolled within the Melbourne Medical School. The service can be accessed for a range of purposes, from discussing strategies to stay well over stressful study periods, referral to other support providers, to concerns regarding bullying or harassment in the medicine environment.

Accessing support through this service is not intended to be on a long term basis. Given the high demand for support services, the health and wellbeing practitioners provide short to medium term assistance. Where more intensive or long term support is needed, the health and wellbeing practitioner can assist you in accessing external support services. With student consent, the practitioner may make a referral to a local healthcare provider, and facilitate the handover process.

How it works:

Appointments can be arranged by students through the following link Once on the booking site you will be able to find a Health and Wellbeing Practitioner at your nearest clinical school location and look through a calendar to determine a day and time that suits. To book an appointment you will be asked to enter some of your personal details. For information regarding the privacy of your information, please see the service privacy statement. Alternatively, sessions can be arranged through direct communication with the Health and Wellbeing Practitioners:

Image for Danielle Clayman

Danielle Clayman

Health and Wellbeing Practitioner (Metro)

Works across all metropolitan sites. Workdays are Monday to Friday. +61 466 474 547
Image for Lisa Power

Lisa Power

Health and Wellbeing Practitioner (Rural)

Works across the Shepparton, Wangaratta, Echuca and ERC sites. Workdays are Monday, alternating Tuesdays, and Wednesday to Friday. +61 435 588 863
Image for Jamie McDonald

Jamie McDonald

Health and Wellbeing Practitioner (Rural)

Works across the Bendigo and Ballarat sites. Work days are Monday, Tuesday, and alternating Wednesdays. +61 428 933 952

The Health and Wellbeing Practitioners cover all metropolitan, outer metropolitan and rurally based clinical school locations. Visits to these locations occur on a weekly to fortnightly basis.

What to expect:

When you attend an appointment with the health and wellbeing practitioner, you can expect a professional, responsive and respectful service. Our practitioners are qualified and experienced in the wellbeing field, with extensive knowledge and understanding of the personal, family and work problems that may exist for students. A practitioner can assist you to gain a clearer understanding of whatever concern you have, and identify appropriate strategies or options for you to consider. They aim to be independent, good listeners, and do not blame or pass judgement. Sessions will likely involve an initial assessment of the presenting issues and the development of appropriate support plan. It may also include an external referral.

University Support Services

The University provides a number of support services, which are available to Medical School students. These include:

  • Chaplaincy
  • Children's Services
  • Counselling Service
  • Student Financial Aid
  • Health Service
  • Student Housing Services

Scholarships, Grants and Bursaries

There are a number of grants and bursaries offered by the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences and the Medical School for students who are experiencing financial need.  For further information on the available scholarships and bursaries see the Faculty Professional Scholarships and Bursaries page.

A single application through the Melbourne Scholarships Office is used to assess financial need for these and a number of other funding opportunities (open to all domestic Medical School students).

The Melbourne Scholarships Office accepts applications from both domestic and international students in financial need through the Financial  Aid Grant Application form.

The Medical Student Relief Bursary

The Medical Student Relief Bursary is a scholarship for medical students by medical students. It can provide support to students during periods of unexpected financial distress. Students who experience sudden, unforeseen circumstances, which have an impact on their overall well-being and level of financial need should click here to read more and find out how to apply.

Support Services for Doctor of Medicine students

Academic Mentor

The Academic Mentor Program is a confidential support service provided by the Melbourne Medical School for MD students. For further information on the service go to Academic Mentor page.

Directors and Deputy Directors of Medical Education

If at any stage during the clinical years of the course you have concerns related to your studies, you can contact your Director or Deputy Director of Medical Student Education.

Students and Programs Coordinators

Each subject within the MD is assigned a Students and Programs Coordinator in the Department of Medical Education. These coordinators work closely with the clinical schools and your subject coordinators and can help you to navigate MD course rules and processes. Contact: