LIME team receive 2016 ASPIRE award

Congratulations to the Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education (LIME) team - Sean Ewen, Odette Mazel, Caitlin Ryan and Erin Nicholls on their outstanding work.

They have been recognized with a 2016 ASPIRE Award of Excellence in Social Accountability from the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE).

The award will be presented at the AMEE 2016 International Conference in Medical Education in Barcelona this August.

The LIME Network is a program of the Medical Deans of Australia and New Zealand, supported by the Australian Department of Health and hosted at MDHS. It is dedicated to ensuring the quality and effectivenes of teaching and learning of Indigenous health in medical education and best practice in the recruitment and graduation of Indigenous medical students.

The ASPIRE-to-Excellence program utilizes peer reviewers from around the world who have distinguished themselves for their experience and understanding of Social Accountability of Medical Schools. Each application is sent to three independent panellists who review a school’s application and separately record their observations. Their reviews are then reviewed by the ASPIRE Panel on Social Accountability and then by the ASPIRE board. Only then is the final decision made for each of the applications.

"The LIME Network demonstrates strong commitment to social accountability within a diverse and vulnerable population. It was a privilege for us to review your application and learn about your approach and commitment to Social Accountability," said Professor James Rourke, Chair ASPIRE Panel on Social Accountability of Medical Schools.