MDHS Research Fellowships and Funding Opportunities

Applications for the FACULTY TRUST FELLOWSHIPS are now open and review the eligibility criteria and the application process for the FACULTY RESEARCH FELLOWHIPS SCHEME.

Applications for the Faculty Trust Fellowships are now open. The Fellowships offered in this round for commencement in 2018 are:

CR Roper Fellowship – 1.0 FTE position to support any field of biomedical and health research

David Bickart Clinician Research Fellowship – part time (up to 0.8 FTE) position to be taken up within MMS to support any field of biomedical and health research for a researcher with concurrent clinical responsibilities

Winter and Glover Fellowship – part time (up to 0.6 FTE) position to support research into cancer, with the priority area defined as Cancer Genomics and Immune Oncology

These are all 3 year fellowship positions in the Academic B/C range (the level of appointment will be subject to qualifications and experience). Position descriptions and further details are available via the hyperlinks to the individual scheme pages above. These positions are currently advertised on the University’s Careers page, the Conversation job board and Seek, and they will also be advertised via the Faculty’s Research Notices.

Fellowships are awarded primarily on the basis of merit but, all else being equal, they provide an opportunity for the Faculty to strategically promote areas of research. The scoring of applications will follow the principles used in assessment of NHMRC Career Development Fellowships.

Applications close on the 26th of November, 2017.

The Faculty will be running two internal schemes to support unsuccessful but highly ranked NHMRC and ARC applicants:

MDHS Research Fellowships Closing Date: 1 December
Open to MDHS researchers who have held a NHMRC/ARC or equivalent Fellowship in 2017 but have been unsuccessful in obtaining an externally funded fellowship salary for 2018. Please find attached a copy of the Guidelines and Application Form.
The scheme has been advertised in Faculty Research Notices and will be included in the next edition of the MDHS Research Professional Bulletin.   Please forward details onto staff in your School/Department/Centre as appropriate.

MDHS Research Grant Support Scheme (RGSS) –  This scheme will open by invitation, following announcement of ARC grant outcomes. Closing date 1 December (TBC).
Open to highly ranked unsuccessful applicants for the NHMRC and ARC major grant rounds. Applicants who meet scheme requirements in relation to unsuccessful NHMRC/ARC ranking scores will be invited by email.
Successful applicants will be awarded a grant of value between $15,000 and $45,000. This funding will be provided in the ratio of 2:1 (Faculty to School/Department/Centre/Institute).

For any questions, please contact MDHS grants