The Fertility Preservation Taskforce awarded grant from the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

Adverse fertility outcomes in survivors of childhood cancer is of major concern to patients and families. Discussing the impact of cancer treatment on fertility with patients and families is an international standard of care. The Fertility Preservation Taskforce is a clinical and academic collaboration between The University of Melbourne, The Women’s and The Royal Children’s Hospital, which aims to develop and evaluate guidelines and clinical pathways in oncofertility care for children, collect safety and efficacy data through an oncofertility registry, and develop and evaluate electronic oncofertility resources for clinicians and families. The generous grant from The RCH Foundation will fund a full time oncofertility coordinator in order to translate complex oncofertility research findings into high quality clinical care.

Above: Members of our multidisciplinary team during an ethical discussion at our Fertility Preservation Summit.

From left to right: Dr Paddy Moore (Gynaecologist RWH, RCH), AProf Kate Stern (Reproductive Endocrinologist RWH), Dr Yasmin Jayasinghe (Gynaecologist RCH RWH & Co-chair Fertility Preservation Taskforce), Prof Lynn Gillam (Clinical Ethicist RCH and co-chair Fertility Preservation Taskforce), Dr Peter Downie (Paediatric Oncologist RCH), AProf Margaret Zacharin (Endocrinologist RCH), Prof Yves Heloury (Paediatric Urologist and Medical Director of the Paediatric Integrated Cancer Service).