Teaching about Health Literacy Symposium

Health professional educators, researchers, practitioners, policy makers and community members came together in September for the Teaching about Health Literacy in Health Professional Education and Training Symposium.

The symposium addressed such questions as:

  • Where in the education and training pathway system and curriculum does health literacy fit? w
  • When is the optimal time for health professionals to be informed about health literacy issues and practices and how should education and training about health literacy be built upon in the curriculum? 
  • What educational and training models are most appropriate to engage health professionals? 
  • Which health professionals should learn what skill sets in relation to promoting patients’ health literacy? 

The highly engaged audience took the opportunity to develop their understanding of and discuss these important questions and considered where opportunities exist to build these skills and capacity of the health professional workforce.

The symposium was hosted by the Department of Medical Education as well the School of Population and Global Health (University of Melbourne) in partnership with the Centre for Health Communication and Participation (La Trobe University) and the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network

Program overview

Margo Collins