Celebrating moving from coach to mentor

Dr Tobin commenced in 2006 at Western Health as Sub-Dean of the clinical school. When the new MD commenced, and, with it, the creation of the clinical coach role, Dr Tobin held the position of clinical coach at Western Health in 2012 and 2013. She provided follow-up mentorship for two groups of eight students which resulted in six of the eight students returning to Western Health as interns. This illustrates a strength of the MD program with the natural fit between the program structure and the role of the teacher progressively moving from coach to mentorship.

Four of the 6 returning to Western are pictured here (From left to right, Dr D’Arcy Hipgrave, Dr Alex Roman (who will go to Shepparton),Dr  Alex Beath, Dr Jacinta Tobin, Dr Emily Rubinstein and Dr Chiyo Morton.)