Vaccinating our future

Immunisations, since their invention in the late 1700s, have transformed mortality in public health.

Diseases like polio and smallpox and have been almost completely eradicated globally through the development of vaccines.

The World Health Organization (WHO)​ listed vaccination hesitancy as one of the top ten health threats in 2019, therefore, it's vital health practitioners are confident in their knowledge of immunisation.

Vaccinations protect children's immune systems while they are still developing.

To address this issue, a new course has been developed on immunisation from the Mobile Learning Unit.

Course Director Tracy Murphy from the Department of General Practice, Melbourne Medical School chose the mobile-based learning platform specifically to assist time-poor nurses develop a working knowledge of immunisations.

The course, Immunisation (Nurse Immuniser), is aligned with the National Immunisation Education Framework​ and includes ten hours of learning on administering vaccines for adults and children on the National Immunisation Program (NIP).

"The course will help prepare nurses to independently administer vaccinations in accordance with national guidelines," Tracy Murphy said.

The course explores the legal and ethical framework for delivering immunisation, how to manage adverse events and understand the organisational requirements of an immunisation service.

Upon course completion, nurses will be able to practice as a nurse immuniser in Victoria.

Nurses from other states will need to confirm the course can be recognised as prior learning with their state or territory health department.

Immunisation programs are cost-effective and have multiple societal and other health benefits.

Students will be able to access the course on any desktop or mobile device with iOS, Android or Windows systems.

Find more information on Immunisation (Nurse Immuniser) here or contact the Mobile Learning Unit at

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