Cheers with Peers podcast Season 2

Dr Jennifer McIntosh
Dr Jennifer McIntosh host of Cheers with Peers podcast

We are very excited to announce the Cheers with Peers podcast was nominated in the Australian Podcast Awards.

In Season 2, we are focused on the mid-career researcher (MCR), with host Dr Jennifer McIntosh.

MCRs face many new challenges with their positions – from heavy administrative tasks to negotiating tricky conversations around authorship and leadership roles.

Dr McIntosh takes her dulcet tones to the airwaves and talks, in her inimitable style, to senior researchers and experts in their field.

Our guests include Professor Lyndal Trevena, our very own Head of Department of General Practice Professor Lena Sanci, and Professor Mei Krishnasamy, inaugural Chair in Cancer Nursing at the University of Melbourne.

"The podcasts give me a fabulous opportunity to sneakily ask all my favourite senior researchers all about their lives, research careers and how they got there," said Dr McIntosh.

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