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The question female doctors never want to be asked again:
SMH, 18 November 2019

When the Medical Journal of Australia called for considered responses to the question, "Is there gender equity in Australian medicine?", an alliance of female doctors submitted a one-word retort: "No"

The coalition of 35 women includes several MMS academic staff, including Dr Rebecca Szabo (O & G), Dr Anita Goh (Psychiatry), Associate Professor Jane Munro (Paediatrics), and Dr Alison Hempenstall.

Stroke Ambulance slashes treatment times
Mirage News, 18 November 2019

Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos marks the second anniversary of the Stroke Ambulance research project, which is treating patients 61 minutes faster than average hospital treatment times nationally.

Oncologist Dr Bronwyn King named Melburnian of the Year,
17 November 2019 – Dr Bronwyn King (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

"It just seemed so absurd that I would be going to work every day trying to help people suffering as a result of tobacco and yet at the same time my money was being invested in the companies that made the products that were killing them."

Here's a TED talk she gave last year.

Bronwyn King with MMM Breakfast team
Dr Bronwyn King with MMM Breakfast team

We are three academics from three nations sharing ideas to transform Indigenous health
The Guardian, 7 November 2019

"The capacity within our medical schools, and across the sector, has grown enormously. Our medical education journey is shared with others in pursuit of utilising Indigenous health teaching curriculum as a vehicle to addressing Indigenous health inequities and ensuring Indigenous rights are central to our universities' core business."

Pro-Vice Chancellor (Indigenous) Professor Shaun Ewen and colleagues at the second Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education (LIME) Connections conference.

Midwives keen to improve vaccination rates
First Five years, 7 November 2019 – Associate Professor Margie Danchin (Paediatrics, RCH)

"Midwives want to find the time to talk to expectant mothers about maternal vaccinations, as well as, childhood vaccinations. Like obstetricians, midwives also have many demands on their time and so they are keen to learn ways to have these conversations effectively and more efficiently."

Menopause and HRT
ABC Radio Sydney, 21 October 2019

Professor Martha Hickey, "There have been very large studies performed over may years that have helped to clarify what the risks are… as time goes by the risks and benefits [of HRT] might change".

What's best for treating menopause after cancer?
Medical Republic, 21 October 2019

Professor Martha Hickey, "In other places where the GPs don't have those clinics available, it's important to first of all say to the woman that there are effective treatments … And secondly, that there are benefits in remaining on her endocrine therapy in terms of breast cancer outcomes."

Fertility counselling before cancer treatment
Einstein A Go Go, RRR FM, 20 October 2019

Dr Yasmin Jayasinghe (Paediatrics)

"We knew that clinicians found it really hard to have these discussions".

In the leadup to the recent National Oncofertility Summit, Dr Yasmin Jayasinghe (Paediatrics), paediatric and adolescent gynaecologist, discusses the importance of fertility counselling before cancer treatment (Tune in at 0:33 on the sound file).

The Challenging Learner
Med Ed Source podcast – Professor Steve Trumble (Medical Education)

"The challenging learner is the one who lacks insight … the clinical workplace is a hell of a place to be supervising a learner… The threshold at which something eventually snaps and we say I've got to do something about this is often way too late."

Tweet from Professor Steve Trumble
Tweet from Professor Steve Trumble
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