The Future of Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Professor Alistair Royse, Acting Director of the University of Melbourne – Department of Surgery and Ultrasound Education Group, welcomed The Hon. Richard Wynne, Minster of Planning and Housing Victoria, to demonstrate the Butterfly iQ ultrasound on 25 October.

Professor Alistair Royse with The Hon. Richard Wynne
Professor Alistair Royse with The Hon. Richard Wynne

Mr Wynne has shown his commitment to health and the future by personally donating a Butterfly iQ ultrasound machine to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The Butterfly iQ is a portable battery-powered ultrasound machine which is about the size of an electric shaver.

It can be plugged into a handheld device such as a smartphone or a tablet, and the scanned image will appear on the screen.

Due to its price and portability this product will make ultrasound technology accessible to more hospitals, GPs and point-of-care professionals.

"This is dramatically going to change the way medical practise is done, I genuinely think this the opportunity to throw away your stethoscope," Professor Royse said.

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