Engaging with survivors of family violence

As a lived experience panel of domestic violence and abuse, the WEAVERs (Women and children who have Experienced Abuse and ViolencE: advisors and Researchers) provide unique insight into the impacts of domestic violence and abuse on survivors and their families. These women work with us on research and research priority setting.

The WEAVERs are engaged with MAEVe (Melbourne Alliance to End ViolencE against women and their children). MAEVe is based in the Department of General Practice and works with the WEAVERs as co-producers of research on the health impacts of domestic violence and abuse and on the health service response to victim/survivors.

Jordan McDonald unsplash
"Unsplash" Jordan McDonald

The WEAVERs and MAEVe received philanthropic funding through Domestic Violence, Victoria to develop a framework for government and non-government organisations to engage with victim/survivors to improve policies and services in the sector.

MAEVe also received funding, through a University Engagement Grant, to develop a database of victim/survivors of domestic violence and abuse who would be prepared to support teaching and research at the University on domestic violence and abuse.