Professor John Prins on diabetes: should we blame our parents?

Professor John Prins Head of the Melbourne Medical School delivered a public lecture to a packed theatre at the University of Melbourne, Department of Rural Health, Shepparton on ‘The Obesity Problem: Is it sloth, is it gluttony or should we blame our parents?’

Professors John Prins and Julian Wright
Professor John Prins with Professor Julian Wright Head of the Department of Rural Health

Professor John Prins is an active clinician-scientist, a key opinion leader in diabetes and endocrinology in Australia and sits on numerous national and international scientific, clinical and educational committees and boards for the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), non-government organisations and industry.

Professor John Prins and audience
There were no spare seats in the lecture theatre

Professor Prins spoke on the importance of diet and exercise and provided an insight into the obesity problems we are currently facing sharing his knowledge that will help fight obesity.