COVID-19 Public Webinar Series across Rural Victoria

The Department of Rural Health ran a series of public webinars on COVID-19-related topics between June and November. Streamed across rural Victoria and beyond, the public webinars attracted up to 400 local and international viewers.

Shepparton News article on webinar
Shepparton News article on webinar

The series was organised by Events Coordinator Di Doyle who contacted a range of high-profile researchers and experts throughout the University of Melbourne to speak to a rural audience. The six webinars were:

  • Rural COVID-19 in Australia: What have we learnt about the virus and ourselves? Featuring Professor Shitij Kapur
  • What we can learn from educating during the COVID-10 home schooling exercise to take forward. Featuring Laureate Professor John Hattie
  • Mental health and dealing with COVID-19 in the rural setting: looking after your mental health in a Crisis. Featuring Professor Lisa Phillips
  • Education during COVID-19: a catalyst for change or a retreat to the safety of the past? Featuring Professor Jim Watterston
  • Building personal and community resilience in the face of COVID-19: What are the lessons from COVID-19 and how can we use them to build a better future? Featuring Professor Brock Bastian
  • COVID-19: the virus and vaccines. Featuring Professor Kanta Subarao.

The webinars were recorded and are available at: